Knole Park Sevenoaks Pre Wedding Shoot


Spent a great morning recently with this lovely couple who's wedding we are shooting later this year, the weather stayed dry for us even if it was a little chilly.

We met in the Cafe at Knole and had chat over a nice cuppa hearing about how all their exciting plans were coming along, before heading out for a stroll around the beautiful historic Knole Park.

We had loads of fun and got some lovely relaxed shots of the couple. They both said they were a little nervous and bit camera shy, but within a few shots they were loving it and really relaxed in front of the camera and they were both great.

This is the reason why we always like to do a little pre wedding shoot with our couples before the big day, because it means on their wedding day they are nice and relaxed for the couple shots and can enjoy doing them, it also gives us an opportunity to get a nice photo for them to have on their signing print for the guests to sign on the wedding day.

After processing the images they were uploaded to an online gallery and link emailed to the couple, they both loved their photos and our little pre wedding shoot.

We are now looking forward to their big day in June this year.

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so you want a Photographer you can trust with the responsibility of capturing the memories of your day


#1 Always meet your photographer before booking

Its is important that your wedding photographer is the right person for you and that vice versa so you feel at ease with him. Meeting before hand lets you get to know each other a little so on the day he doesn't feel like a complete stranger. A professional photographer should be happy to do this if they are not, then why not ?

We never take a booking with out first meeting up for an obligation free chat over a coffee to get to know each other before you decide to book.

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#2 Never book your photographer on price alone, You only get one chance at it !

I know its an old saying but it usually is true with photographers, you do tend to get what you pay for. So make sure they can deliver what they promise. I hear so many horror stories regarding cheap photographers not delivering on the day.

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#3 Are they insured ?

Make sure whoever you choose is insured that should include both Professional indemnity and Professional Liability insurance.

You should also take out your own insurance to cover eventualities like venue cancellation etc.

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#4 Do they have a comprehensive kit of equipment ?

Imagine a photographer turning up to shoot your wedding with just one camera! It happens!

Then something goes wrong with that camera you are left with no photographs. Always make sure your chosen photographers has plenty of back up equipment to ensure if there is a problem with a piece of kit then they have back up equipment.

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#5 Will your images be post processed and edited properly ?

This is a reason some budget photographers can appear to be a bargain, because they give you unprocessed images straight out of camera. All digital images require post processing and enhancements of some kind and done properly this can add 2 to 3 days to the time spent actually working on your wedding

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#6 Dont get tied down with too many formal group shots !

Its always nice to have some formal groups shots, but try to limit these to no more than around 10. Plan them before hand and provide your photographer with a list, he wont have to worry you on the day asking which groups you want and this part of day will flow and allow you and your guests to get back to what you are there for to celebrate your day


#7 Book your wedding photographer well in advance !

Dont leave booking your photographer until the last minute, allow plenty of time or you risk the disappointment of the photographer you really want already being booked on your date. So book early and save disappointment 

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#8 Don't book a package on hours

Beware of booking photographers that offer hourly based Package, with best will in the world thing can run behind at a wedding and if your photographer bases his packages on hours, he will want you to pay up to £200 an hour extra for him to stay on if his time is up and you haven't cut cake or had first dance.

We never book on hours, we are there to capture whole day even if thing run over we will still be there to make sure we have the full story of your day.

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#9 Pre wedding or engagement shoot

This is a great way to get to know your photographer a little more, it will also mean on the wedding day you will be more relaxed in the photographs. 

Many photographer charge between £150 and £200 for a pre wedding or engagement shoot. We offer a free weekday pre wedding shoot with all our bookings

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#10 Is the photographer familiar with your chosen venue

There are so many venues now available for you to choose from and it would be impossible for a photographer to have shot a wedding at every one of them, but you should make sure if they have not worked at your chosen venue before that they will visit it before the big day.

If we get a booking of a venue we have not shot at before, I contact the wedding coordinator at the venue and maker an appointment to visit the venue and have a good look around and familiarise myself with everything in readiness for your wedding day


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We love the excitement, anticipation and emotion of the whole day, always looking for those special moments and details creating images that you will treasure forever. We would love to capture you wedding day with our photography

Every wedding is unique and like not other and thats how I treat every wedding I shoot. Thats why I meet every couple before agreeing to be their photographer for a chat over a coffee, you can tell me more about your plans and what you are looking for with your wedding photography

What’s more, there is absolutely no obligation to hire us after our meeting. The format will be: I'll find out what your dream outcome is, then I'll let you know what I can do to deliver your dream, and finally, I’ll leave you with bespoke fixed prices... And an amazing benchmark to measure other wedding photographers against.

I look forward to hearing from you… Bill